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We bring you indigenous foods from the African continent that improves your health, nutrition, and overall wellbeing. Our foods have nutrients and vitamins that connect you to a way of eating that is powerful in flavor while nourishing the body. There is a storehouse of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that is packed in our foods. Join us in our vision is to improve lives, wellbeing, and communities with ancestral African foods.

Ancestral Food Kit

Ancestral Food Kit

3 items

The Ancestral Food Kit contains a variety of nutritious wholefoods and grains. The kit contains: Baobab Wholefood, Tigernut Wholefood, Fonio...

The Wholefood Kit

The Wholefood Kit

2 items

The Wholefood Kit contains the mighty Baobab Wholefood and the ancient Tigernut Wholefood, both in powder form. They are nature's...

The WholeGrain Kit

The WholeGrain Kit

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People in Africa have been eating wild grains for perhaps 100,000 years. Many wild grains were a delicacy that even some communities...

  • Aromatic Rice

    Aromatic Rice
    Oryza Glaberrima was domesticated and cultivated in the delta Niger region, now known as Mali. The plants of this indigenous rice have wide leaves which sheds out weeds, the Glaberrima is resistant to diseases, and pests; it tolerates any water depth, soil condition, and severe climates.
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I just want to say my body is responding very well to Baobab.
My stomach is not bloating and I don't cravings for sweets anymore!
In the morning when I have baobab I stay full and don't get hungry
until about 3pm! I'm so pleased.


I just received a package of baobab powder from you!!
Oh how surprised and how wonderful of you to bless me like this!!
This is truly confirmation that baobab powder should be a part of my daily routine!!
I'm a customer for life!! God bless you, your business,
the extension of women entrepreneurs in africa...and please stay safe,
be well and stay blessed!!!


I have tried my best to remove processed sugar from my diet as much as possible. Adda Blooms products has definitely assisted me in this process. I order the Snack Pack once per month which contains 6 pks. of Adda Blooms snacks; 3 baobab fudge bites and 3 sesame tigernut bites. We usually eat one a day for breakfast. We either add it to our cereal, or eat it with some raw fruit. I also order the tigernut wholefood which I mix with spelt flour to make my dumplings (LOL!). I also add it to my seamoss shakes and fruit smoothies. It can also be used for baking bread and to make pancakes too. Tigernuts are ground root vegetables that actually taste like peanuts (atleast to me), they are called Chufa in northern Nigeria and Atadwe in Ghana.