Get To Know Us.

I am Abena Offeh-Gyimah, founder and owner of Adda Blooms. I started Adda Blooms in 2017 as a response to preserve native and ancestral African Foods. Ancestral foods are local, organic, seasonal and environmentally sustainable foods that is indigenous to a particular geographic region that locals have consumed for thousands of years. In short, foods our great grandparents grew, ate, and preserved.
African ancestral foods have always largely been plant based, ranging from small grains, to root tubers, and legumes; including but not limited to leafy vegetables, tropical fruits, seeds, tree barks, and flowers. African foods have served families, communities, and societies as food and medicine for generations through travelers, trade, and colonialism.
In 2017, when I visited Ghana to learn more about ancestral foods and organic farming, I witnessed so many indigenous trees being cut down, local food systems destroyed, rivers and waterways contaminated, and many natives seeds lost resulting from climate change, trade policies, food injustices, and food insecurity. 
I started to wonder about the future of food for local communities that were losing their indigenous food system at an alarming rate?
Adda Blooms is a way to introduce more people to the rich ancestral African foods that have fed the world many generations before. I thought, if more people eat indigenous foods, then farmers will continue to have an economic and social reason to grow their local foods. So in 2017, I decided to bring Baobab to Toronto, then eventually, Tigernuts, Fonio, and Millet. 
Adda Blooms is about working with small scale farmers, collectives, and cooperatives to preserve and bring indigenous African foods and traditional plants worldwide. Our vision is to improve lives, wellbeing  and communities with indigenous African foods. 
We source our Baobab from Kulgu in Navrongo from a women’s collective; our millet from Baba Kumase, a farmer in the Binaba region in Bawku West; our Fonio from Tamale in the Northern Region, and our Tigernut from the Eastern Region.
Eating sustainably means bringing you foods that are wholesome, natural, and organic. The food we bring you starts with how the food was grown, processed, stored and distributed. All aspects from farm to you, reflects our core values of following ecological farming and food principles.