• Banana Dates Smoothie

    Banana Dates Smoothie
    This is a rich thick creamy beverage that will leave you feeling full and energetic. An amazing cup of nutrient dense beverages with vitamin C,
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  • Mind Relaxer

    Mind Relaxer
    This juice contains apples, letture, and cucumber. Lettuce is known for sleep inducing properties, it's a good source of everything leafy greens are known for, 
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  • Quinoa Baobab Bread

    Quinoa Baobab Bread
    Soak 300g of quinoa in plenty of cold water and store in the fridge over night, also soak the flax or chia seeds in 1/2 cup of water and store in the fridge for over night
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  • Oatmeal Chia Cookie

    Oatmeal Chia Cookie
    We made this Oatmeal Chia Cookies with our Baobab Fudge Bites!! The cookie is chewy, hearty, flavorful, and so good. We didn’t add add cinnamon, banana, or dates as stated in the original recipe but it still came out delicious, I used our Baobab Fudge Bites instead.
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