• Aromatic Rice

    Aromatic Rice
    Oryza Glaberrima was domesticated and cultivated in the delta Niger region, now known as Mali. The plants of this indigenous rice have wide leaves which sheds out weeds, the Glaberrima is resistant to diseases, and pests; it tolerates any water depth, soil condition, and severe climates.
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  • Rice Balls with Roasted Tomatoes Soup

    Rice Balls with Roasted Tomatoes Soup
    Oryza Glaberrima is the indigenous rice of the African continent. There are two main cultivated rice in the world, Oryza Sativa which is the native Asian white rice, and Oryza glaberrima which is the native African rice. The African continent has its own species of rice that has been cultivated over the past 3,500 year. Oryza Glaberrima, is the native African rice, and its ancestor was the Oryza Barthii. Oryza is the genus of plants in the grass family that includes rice crops. There are several Oryza in the world, however, only two have been domesticated. The Oryza Sativa, which is the native Asian rice from China, and the African native one, Glaberrima
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  • Bambara Beans Festive Salad

    Bambara Beans Festive Salad
    Bambara beans has exceptional nutritional quality. It is rich in protein, containing essential amino acids methionine than almost any other beans, it grows very well in the dry savannas, and excellent for replacing nitrogen back in the soil.
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  • Bambara Bean Soup with Vegetables

    Bambara Bean Soup with Vegetables
    Bambara bean is known as the sustainable crop. It's known as a nitrogen-fixer to help boost soil fertility, naturally. It is also known as a soil conditioner. And beyond all that, it thrives in laterite, the ancient, reddish acidic soil substrate that is toxic to many plants and is an underlying curse of tropical agriculture.
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